Don't have internet / Smartphone?

Don't worry. You can transfer money without having internet/ Smartphone.

Money Transfer with feature phones/ Normal phones.

Don't worry if you don't have a smart phone. Some people may not have enough money to purchase a smart phone. In Rural areas some people may have smart phones but may not have 3G or 4G signal/service in their area. In such situations USSD is the best way to transfer money online without using internet. USSD system of money transfer works on normal phones (feature phones) as well as smart phones.

What can be done with USSD?

1) checking Balance in bank account
2) Viewing recent transactions
3) Transfering money using MMID--Mobile Money Identification Number
4) Transfering money using IFSC code
5) Knowing MMID
6) Changing MPin

How to transfer money using USSD ?

Steps to transfer money through USSD

Among the above 6 options, enter No. 3 to transfer money

Next enter the phone number of the person to whom money is to be transferred.
The person phone number must be duly linked with his bank account.
Enter the MMID ( it must be collected from the receiver) of the money.
Enter the amount to be transferred.
Enter your Mpin and last four digits of your bank account Then click on send option .

After following the above simple steps money can be transferred to anyone without using a smart phone/ internet.
This method works on smart phone also.
If you have a smart phone and not having data balance/internet signal, you can use this method to transfer money online.

what is needed?

a) Bank account
b) Any kind of mobile phone
c) Phone number linked with bank account number

What to do ?

Contact your bank and fill the form to link your mobile number with you bank account.
Request your bank to allot Mobile Money Identification Number (MMID)

Then you get a 7 digit MMID which is base for all your bank transactions If your phone number is already linked to your bank account, you can ask call centre of the bank. Then they will send you MMID along with 4 digit Mpin

Start in this way

First of all enter *99#
Well come screen opens.
In the open place , enter First 3 letters or IFSC code of your bank.
Then the screen shows various options.
If you press No.1 , Bank balance is displayed.
If you press No.2 , details of transactions are displayed.
If you No.3 you can send money to desired person.

Limits for transferring money

Each time, one can transfer Rs.1/- to Rs.5,000/- in this method.
Each transaction costs only Rs.0.50 . It is included in phone bill.
Charges are waived off till 31.12.2016

This facility is available in local languages also

USSD facility is the best suited for rural people where internet connectivity is poor and people do not afford a smart phone. Apart from English,USSD facility is available in 11 regional languages in India. But USSD in English works well.

USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

USSD Codes for regional languages are as follows.

English *99#

Hindi *99*22#

Tamil *99*23#

Telugu *99*24#

Malayalam *99*25#

Kannada *99*26#

Gujarati *99*27#

Marathi *99*28#

Bengali *99*29#

Punjabi *99*30#

Assamese *99*31#

Oriya *99*32#

Among the above codes, code for English language is working well but other language codes sometimes not working

Important Note on getting Mpin from Bank, change it immediatly. Do not diclose your Mpin to anybody

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