Tips to avoide heart attach

Once old people used to get heart attack. Now a days people of all ages are becoming victims of the heart attack. Most people in America are dying of heart attack.

Due to ignorance of symptoms of heart attack, by the time patient knows that he suffered heart attach he will be in critical condition and having very little probability of recovering from it.

Primary symptoms of Heart attach are enlisted for benefit of people.

1. If you suffer from cold, cough, flu it may be suspected as symptom of hear attach If you feel uncomfortable in your chest or something heavy in your chest, consult doctor immediately

2. One more symptom of heart attack is problem in inhalation. If you have trouble in inhalation, it may be suspected as heat attach.

3. One should be alert when he feels too much tired with body pains all over the body, it may lead to heart attach
If you feel sleepy and having stetting, it may lead to heart attach.

4. If you get bobbles at the end of your eyes, please do not neglect. It id one of the symptom of getting heart attach

5. If you feel like womting. If you could not digest food and suffering from acidity gas frequently. You must be very care full..

6. If you have pain under the left arm, Some times pain in jaws and throat, it may be suspected to lead to heart attach

7. If you have swelling in legs, heals and foot, it may lead to heart attach

8. Those people who have heart problems , should check his heart beat regularly to avoid heart attach

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