Protect your account from Mobile wallet crimes

Criminals in Hyderabad took a new way to rob money online. The crime happens in the following way

First of all a criminal introducing himself as a bank employee, calls you over phone and says that after cancellation of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- Notes, ATM cards having no micro chip do not work. He says that your card does not have microchip because all ATMs are being changed .

He further says that after disconnecting my call our bank employee will call for details. Please tell all the details. Within 10 days you will get a new debit card.

After getting your information over phone, within minutes your balance will be transferred to their Fake Mobile wallet account with the help of mobile apps

In the event of Demonetization cyber criminals took a new way for robbing Money.

In this way they collect whole the information of your bank account and transfer entire money in to their Mobile wallets.

Cyber criminals are having data of lot of debit card numbers which are supposed to be known by bank officials and account holders only. With the help of card number they find out account holders contact number. Once, details of the customer collected entire money in the account is transferred to their fake mobile wallet account within minutes through mobile app.

fraud through Fake Mobile Wallet accounts

If money is directly transferred to their bank accounts, police can catch the criminal very easily. Hence, Cyber criminals are opening Mobile wallet accounts with fake name, address and other fake details.

The cyber criminals opening lot of Mobile wallet accounts with fake names and addresses.

If any suspicious call is received by you please do not give your details to the caller. Inform the matter immediately to police.

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