Avoide cancer in early stage and lead haapy life

10 most common cancer symptoms

Now a days many people are becoming victims of cancer. If the cancer is detected early, it can be cured easily. But Many people are noticing cancer in their body at the last stage of cancer. Due to late detection of the decease , it is very difficult to treat the patient. Hence, 10 most common cancer symptoms in men have been discussed to detect cancer in early stage.

1.Bowel changes

Frequent diarrhea and constipation may be symptoms of cancer. If there is a sudden change bowl with abnormal abdominal pain and gas , it may be suspected as cancer. Due colon cancer or rectal cancer it may lead to Frequent diarrhea and constipation. Both the ccancers collectively called colorectal cancers. If you notice such things, Do not ignore and consult your doctor immediately

2.persistent Cough

persistent Cough may become early sign of cancer. If caugh is accompanied with stuffy nose or fever may be due to infection. But one should not ignore caugh with bloody mucus which may be due to lung cancer. Cough is a common illness. If a cough causes bloody mucus, it may be suspected as lung cancer. Otherwise a regular cough without bloody mucus may be due to infection

3.Changes in Urination

Prostate cancer is most common in men having more than 60 years of age. Due to prostate cancer considerable urinary changes may occur. Following are the symptoms of Prostate cancer
Leakage of urine
unable to urinate despite urges to go
delay in urination
straining at the time of urination

4.Blood in your urine

If you notice blood in your urine, you shouldn’t ignore. Due to Bladder cancer, blood in urine may happen. This type of cancer is most common in people who have the habit of smoking . Early prostate cancer leads to blood in the semen.

5. Rectal bleeding

Rectal bleeding may be one of the an early sign of rectal cancer. If the blood is lost in stools regularly and you have iron deficiency due to loss of blood in stools, it may lead to cancer. Rectal bleeding may happen due to hemorrhoids. But sometimes it may happen due to cancer also. One should consult doctor immediately. People above 50 years of age should get colon cancer screening tests regularly

6.Back pain

Persistent Back pain also one of the symptoms of Cancer. Generally People ignore back pain but they realize that it is cancer when it become s very severe. Cancer symptoms may not show until it spreads to other parts of the body. Unlike other body pains bone cancer causes tenderness and discomfort in the bones. Especially prostate cancer spreads to bones which may cause symptoms in the lower back and within bone hip

7.Lumps in the breast

We are under the impression that breast cancer relates to women only. But men also become victims of breast cancer.If there are any lumps, it may be due to breast cancer. Breast cancer in men may occur due to exposure to radiation or high level of estrogen. Men who crossed the age of 60 years must be very carefull about breast caces. If you notiece any suspicious lump in your breast, visit your doctor immediately.

8.Excessive fatigue

In case of any illness fatigue is common. Growing of cancer cells within the body, makes the body very dull. colorectal cancers in men cause excessive fatigue. Even after a sound sleep in a night, if you feel fatigue, you must visit your doctor to check for cancer

9.Testicular lumps

Testicular cancers in men are less common than cancers of the prostate, lungs, and colon. Still, you shouldn’t ignore early symptoms. Lumps in the testicles are symptoms of testicular cancer. Doctors look for these lumps during wellness checks. For earliest detection, you should check for lumps once per month.

10.Sudden weight loss

If you loose your weight suddenly without changing your food habits and having no illness, It may be an early symptom of cancer. Weight loss in body may be due to serious health problem. In case you lose weight suddenly, visit your doctor immediately.

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